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JeriCoin Specifications

JeriCoin is a PoW/PoS coin, a blockchain with masternode as the second layer. With variable Masternode collateral and reward structure.

JeriCoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority: managing transactions and issuing money are carried out collectively by the network.

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What and How it work


20,000 - 300,000

Masternode Collateral


Maximum Supply

45 Seconds

Block Time

One Click
Proof of Stake
Rewards from

What is Masternode?

Masternode is a specially configured wallet that will support the network in more ways than a normal staking wallet. These functions require a collateral to start and therefore the user is rewarded for both supporting the network and locking the collateral.

What is Proof of Stake?

Receive rewards for securing the JeriCoin network just by holding coins in your web/desktop wallet.
Staking serves a similar function to mining, in that it's the process by which a network participant gets selected to add the latest batch of transactions to the blockchain and earn some crypto in exchange.

Reward and Collateral Structure

Genesis Block
Block HeightReward AmountNotes
1500,000 JHLInitial Premine
POW Stage
Block HeightBlock RewardMasternodeMiner
2 - 2000.001 JHL0%100%
201 - 5,000200 JHL0%100%
5,001 - 20,000160 JHL5%95%
20,001 - 30,000120 JHL5%95%
30,001 - 40,000100 JHL5%95%
40,001 - 50,00044 JHL5%95%
50,001 - 60,00088 JHL5%95%
60,001 - 80,00056 JHL5%95%
80,001 - 100,000150 JHL5%95%
POS Stage
Block start Block End Collateral Reward Masternode Stakers
100,001 300,000 100,000 50 90% 10%
300,001 500,000 130,000 40 90% 10%
500,001 800,000 150,000 15 90% 10%
800,001 1,200,000 300,000 20 90% 10%
1,200,001 1,450,000 300,000 15 65% 35%
1,450,001 1,600,000 300,000 10 65% 35%
1,600,001 Infinite 300,000 5 65% 35%

Consensus Mechanism
Proof of Stake

90% Masternodes 10% Stakers


  • 2024
  • Economics Sustainable

    The project will be dedicated to the sale of hosting services, the profits will be used for the purchase of JHL and dep liquidity pools. This will help stabilize the price providing a healthy market for the investor


    * 40% of profits will be used for price stabilization(purchase of JHL and providing liquidity)
    ** 30% Masternodes Holders
    *** 20% Marketing, Listings..
    **** 7% Stakers Pool

    ***** 3% Dev


    Stage One Development
    Hosting Store + web wallet.

    Stage Two Development
    Testing app

Hosting Store using JHL as payment method

Project will use JHL coins as payment method for hosting services like domains, vps, semi-dedicated and dedicated hosting, we provide you several Data Centers to pick from:

The US Data Center in Chicago

Select it if you will concentrate on site visitors coming from the United States of America, Canada and Latin America.

The UK Data Center in London

Select it if you are going to aim for website visitors the UK, the rest of Europe and Africa.

The FI Data Center in Pori

Our Finnish Data Center is a great alternative if you need to connect with customers in Northern and Central Europe or maybe in Russia.

The Eastern Europe Data Center in Sofia

Pick it if you are likely to focus on visitors who reside in Eastern Europe, in countries like Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, Romania, Ukraine, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Armenia, etc.

The AU Data Center in Sidney

Opt for it if you will focus on site visitors from Australia, Oceania and Asia.

Madrid, Madrid
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